Retail Crime, Security & Loss Prevention Management

Your product has been tampered with. How can you prevent the contaminated stock from reaching your customers?

The risks and threats to your organisation are constantly evolving. Do you have effective strategies in place to deal with them?

Good Retail Loss Prevention management provides your organisation benefit. Whether you are a single retail outlet, or a big chain store company or a transport distribution  company protecting your brand, environment, key business assets, employees and other stakeholders, it is an ongoing challenge especially in the face of extreme complex and changing risks.

At Frontline Protection Group, we are licenced and qualified security specialists who have comprehensive industry expertise from consulting on recognising the impacts of environmental design, to putting in place strategies and testing policies.  With the use and placement of licenced quality static guards  for access management, crowd control management, respond to threats and emergencies including evacuations, first aid and alarm response your risks and loss can be minimised.  Furthermore our security specialists have excellent customer service and communication skills and can adapt to any situation either be covert or overt to deter the potential for shoplifting and theft incidents.

We support you with developing and implementing systems and strategies which help manage your needs. We also design and run simulations to rigorously test your plans and prepare your people. And we help you maintain management organisation and training. In the unfortunate situation of a crisis occurring, our consultants have the specialist expertise required to support our clients to effectively respond to a wide range of threats.

Our loss prevention  consultancy services provides solutions for transport distribution companies, warehousing, logistics, retail outlets and retail chain stores.

Other Services include:

Loss Prevention Investigations- Fraud, product tampering, covert surveillance operations, CCTV investigations, dishonesty investigations, Logistics and WH&S related investigations.

Other services:

  • Static guarding.
  • Crisis Management strategies and implementation
  • Business Continuity Services
  • Security Design, Audit, Audit and implementation
  • Security Management and Consultancy
  • Project Security management and consultancy
  • Screening of security personnel and dishonest employees
  • Event security- Crowd Control, asset protection, patrols
  • Emergency planning and response- Team management and co-ordination
  • Commercial and Private Inquiry investigations.

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