Do you really know who is handling those very important documents? Do you know how safe your confidential documents really are?


Here is a real life scenario: A courier's life can be busy with a pile up of other deliveries to be made cluttered among satchels even been delivered by those on bicycles. Whilst our licensed and qualified Commercial Agents respond with the utmost care, confidence and assurance of managing what is important to you. We locate individuals, organizations and businesses ensure safe hand delivery of legal papers. All of our Commercial Agents are licensed under the Commercial Agency and Private Inquiry Act


Our Commercial Agents can serve:


  • Letters of Demand;
  • Debt Collection notices;
  • Notices to attend court;
  • Legal documents.



Our services are tailored for individuals, legal firms, corporations and businesses ensuring flexibility of the assignment.


Our Services:


  • Repossession of goods;
  • Investigations of worker’s compensations claims;
  • Insurance investigations;
  • Back ground research;
  • Surveillance of persons;
  • Debt collection;
  • Process serving;
  • Locating persons;
  • Factual Investigations;
  • Investigation of persons;
  • Loss prevention investigations;
  • Alcohol and drug screening;
  • Alcohol and drug screening post incident;
  • Investigations of work place accidents / incidents;
  • Post incident reports;


For more information on these services please contact us by email or phone.